It’s Your Move by Andy Stanley

Bestselling author and world-renowned communicator Andy Stanley brings clarity to complex cultural issues that impact us all. His message is delivered through a variety of platforms including television, radio, podcasts and YouTube and reaches millions of people worldwide every month. As the founding pastor of North Point Ministries, Andy has established a global ministry that spans several churches, multiple platforms and languages, and serves tens of thousands of people each weekend.

Andy’s message is that life is like a game of chess. It is an interesting and complex game that requires thought, strategy, and planning. He encourages us to think more intentionally about how we live our lives and to understand that we are not in control but God is!

In It’s Your Move, you will discover how to apply strategies in thinking and applying Scripture to help solve difficult problems. You will also learn how to identify and remove obstacles that keep you from living inside the grace of God. Finally, you will gain wisdom to respond to tangled issues and false accusations.

The book brings together questions that Dom Famularo has been asked in his drum lessons, clinics, master classes, large drum expos and over 55 years of professional playing experience. The questions are grouped into categories to provide a starting point for learning and exploration. The book includes puzzles, quizzes and places to personalise the book through doodles, signatures and photo pages.

Evaluating interventions for preventing unhealthy weight gain in adolescents is important. This paper describes the process evaluation of a three-year project conducted in secondary schools in the East Geelong/Bellarine region of Victoria, Australia, called It’s Your Move (IYM). This project was part of a larger Pacific OPIC project that included quasi-experimental designs and evaluations in Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand.