Why Dryer Vent Cleaning Is Important

The dryer vent is a duct that runs from the dryer to the wall, and allows hot air and lint to escape during drying. When the duct becomes blocked, it can lead to serious issues such as fire hazards and excessive moisture in the laundry room. Fortunately, dryer vent cleaning is an easy and affordable maintenance task that can help prevent these problems. By hiring a professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Newark like Newark Fireplace & Chimney Service, you can enjoy safe and efficient laundry environments in your home while helping to reduce the risk of fires.

In addition to posing a fire hazard, clogged dryer vents can lead to increased energy bills. As the dryer works harder to overcome restricted airflow, it requires more energy to dry your clothes. This can increase your utility bills significantly over time. By having your dryer vents cleaned on a regular basis, you can save money on energy costs and extend the lifespan of your appliance.

The lint that accumulates in the dryer vent system is highly flammable, and it can catch on fire when the dryer is operating. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), over 15,000 dryer related fires occur each year, resulting in 20 deaths, 320 injuries, and more than $84 million in property damage. The majority of these fires are caused by clogged dryer vents. The CPSC recommends that homeowners have their dryer vents professionally cleaned at least once every three years to avoid a fire hazard.

During the dryer vent cleaning process, a technician will inspect the entire ductwork from the interior wall entrance to the vent cap to remove any lint, debris, or animal nests that may be blocking the flow of air. They will also clean the exterior of the dryer vent and make any necessary repairs to the ductwork.

After a thorough dryer vent cleaning, your dryer will run much more efficiently. By removing the flammable lint and restoring proper airflow, your dryer will operate more safely and effectively while saving you money on energy bills.

Aside from reducing fire risks, having your dryer vents regularly cleaned can also help improve indoor air quality. Blocked vents can cause excess humidity, which is an ideal breeding ground for mold spores. These spores can cause respiratory issues, allergies, and other health concerns in your family. By having your dryer vents cleaned on an annual basis, you can minimize these hazards and protect your family’s health and well-being.

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